BLOG of 14 September 2004 Family Crisis with information and updates concerning James (as we understand them at the moment)

James's team, presumably pictured a few weeks before the roadside ambush in Mosel. (James is in center)

Events on:

Tuesday September 14th, 2004

11:38 am Cell call to Jim with information about James being wounded in chest and being in critical condition in Iraq.

12:15 pm In search of information Jim located press release online concerning incident.

12:30 pm Elizabeth, Sue and Jim drove home from school to await further word on James' condition.

3:16 pm John's NYC police dept. commander drove him to JFK to get him on flight to Seattle to be with James's family. John with recent update, calls Atlanta from plane tarmac to report that James had been shot six times and was in surgery in Baghdad.

Wednesday September 15th, 2004

Awaited word on James condition.

Tremendous outpouring of support and prayers by family friends, colleagues, American Guild of Organist members, choir and church members.

Messages of support have come from many people, some totally unknown to our family. Choir members have even offered to fly me to Germany to be with James. Army MARS (U. S. Army Military Affiliate Radio System), Red Cross through ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Service) and SATERN (Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network) have gone out of their way in offering help to establish communications with the army hospital in Germany.

Notes are posted in various NYC Police Precincts about John's brother James. "All that is needed at this time are prayers for James".

Thursday September 16, 2004

from Maryann (James' wife) Operation in Baghdad hospital earlier to remove 5 of 6 bullets was successful. Left hand shattered, arm wounds, bullet exited chest, arm bullets removed. Condition still critical.

Friday September 17, 2004

1:55 pm News received that James is now in Germany and due for operation to remove shrapnel from body. James is scheduled to be flown to Seattle on Saturday. Condition is upgraded to stable!

Departure schedule delayed because of high fever..... try again on Saturday. Information on aircraft from a pilot member of our church...

"The aircraft that the USAF now uses to transport patients from the war zone to hospital is a C-17.  It is equipped for both litter and ambulatory wounded and they staff it with a full compliment of nurses and at least one physician for the trip back across the Atlantic."


Saturday September 18, 2004

James awarded Purple Heart in German hospital. Scheduled to fly to Seattle on Monday.

Sunday September 19th  Awaiting word from Germany
Monday September 20th James reported to be at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Washington D.C.

Tuesday September 21st   Awaiting schedule on arrival time in Seattle
                     6:00 pm         Phone call from John reporting that James is in a hospital in Seattle and looks GREAT!
Wednesday September 22nd 3:00 p.m. Jim is able to talk with James via cell phone.... he sounds GREAT!
                      9:30 p.m. Elizabeth and Sue talk with James. He is happy to be at home and is able to walk. James attends memoral service at Ft. Lewis for Iraq team member.

Thursday September 23rd   
Friday September 24th 4:00 p.m. Jim leaves for Washington to visit with James.
    Jennifer and John meet Jim at airport and drive to see James

          Wonderful reunion after 10 very long days. James is very much James - in spite of obvious gunshot wounds
              Miracles do happen!   Our prayers for James's safe return have been answered.

James and Family

James and Maryann

Pictures from Iraq

Ryan, Katie, Meredith and Jerad

This flag, raised when James left for Iraq, still flies proudly at full staff.

James Wingate III